Joan Rivers lookalike Impersonator

Can We Tawk? Joan Lookalike Impersonator is chock full of acerbic barbs aimed at Hollywood celebs (“If Cher has one more face lift, she’s gonna need a gynecologist to do her dental work!”) including, herself (“I’m so lifted, these bumps on my chest are my knees!”), and gentle jokes for your guests, who will feel like radiant stars as “Joan” has them do a spin on the red carpet for all of admiring America.

Never at a loss for words in that distinctive, gravelly voice;- and guaranteed faaaaabulous fun for all. “Joan” can also act as Host/Emcee for your other Entertainers, Speakers, Auctions or Award Presentations, adding lots of humor and sparkle to your Party, or Corporate Event. Or, have “Joan” host a good-natured, custom “roast” of your CEO or other Guest of Honor, based on information supplied in advance.


She is blessed with an amazing quick wit and a “rubber” voice. “Joan” is just one of several dead-on impersonations that have earned her a reputation as one of the best in the industry. “Joan” can do up to two hours of stand up comedy, incorporating her signature self-deprecating humor, general humor, topical humor and subject matter suited just to your event.

Joan Rivers lookalike Impersonator

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